Wonder Women

This is a project I’ve dreamed of doing for many years, and I am thrilled to finally have the time and tools to start. Through it, I hope to meet many Wonder Women. If there is a woman in your life whom you respect and admire, and who is willing to share her story, please contact me.

Rescuing Jewish children
The courage of Polish hero Irena Sendler

Stop complaining, start changing
Words of wisdom from a lady who ought to know!

Solving Vancouver's affordability crisis
Kathleen Higgins and family promote the "Smaller Homes on Smaller Lots" concept.

Helping the Philippines one mission at a time
Angelica Farris, together with her husband Marshall, organizes medical missions to the Philippines.

ENDOWing women with a new springtime of hope
Michele Smillie starts an exciting new initiative for women in Vancouver.

Giving patients back their dignity
Dr. Larina Reyes Smith talks about her work in addiction medicine.

Surviving breast cancer: Two Stories
Inspiration and hope for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

My conversation with an Olympic athlete
Meet Katya Antaniuk, champion skier.

Wonder Women of the Middle Ages
Debunking some myths about the Middle Ages.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam
This Wonder Woman has been nominated as a Globe and Mail Transformational Canadian.

My mother's hands
In honour of Mother’s Day, this story is about the most Wonderful Woman in my life and yours: Mom.

When your teeth break, swallow them
Ying talks about growing up in northern China and her new life in Canada.

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